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Whether you’re driving a small personal vehicle like a KIA, a big rig like a tractor-trailer, box truck, or cargo van, or anything in between like an SUV, pickup truck, or motorhome, Southwest Truck and RV in Prescott Valley, Arizona is the place to go for transfer case and 4X4 issues.

Your transfer case is essential in ensuring your vehicle’s power is transferred to the front and rear axles through drive shafts. If you are wondering if your car has transfer case issues, you should get it checked with our state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment. Southwest Truck and RV is your go-to expert in all things 4X4 and transfer case.

Your vehicle’s transfer case is one component in a series making up the 4×4 system. Many 4WD vehicles which have a transfer case for moving power and torque to the wheels come into Southwest Truck and RV for diagnosis and repair. Transfer cases are used in all four-wheel drives, all-wheel drives, full-time 4X4, part-time 4X4, Select-Trac, Quadra-Trac, 4-Matic, and 4-Tronic drivetrains. Even Front-Wheel Drive vehicles utilize a form of a transfer case, called a transaxle.

Here at Southwest Truck and RV, we always start with a thorough diagnosis. Because diagnostics is step one for any vehicle issue that comes into our shop, and it is complementary to the repair.

Because of the computer and electronic complexities of today’s vehicles, diagnosing a transfer case problem is more complex than it used to be. Many drivability issues mimic transfer case problems when they’re caused by something else. Because we are always thorough with our diagnosis, we ensure accuracy and increase efficiency in repairing your vehicle.

Many of our customers come in expecting a significant repair and leave pleasantly surprised when they find the invoice is less than the quoted initially. Honesty and integrity are the core tenants of our business. At Southwest Truck and RV, we don’t believe in guesswork. We will save you time and money by pinpointing the problem and its cause.

A transfer case rebuild is a comprehensive procedure that requires removing the transfer case from the vehicle, completely disassembling the unit and inspecting every internal and external part for wear and damage. Then all worn and damaged parts are replaced, and the transfer case is reassembled to the original factory specifications and tolerances.

Replacing your vehicle’s transfer case can be much faster than rebuilding it. However, both require expert mechanical skills to perform this job successfully. Replacements come in various forms: New, Reconditioned, Used, and Remanufactured. All are subject to availability, and the prices vary greatly. While we prefer to repair your original transfer case, sometimes the right choice is purchasing and installing a replacement unit. We always explore every alternative before recommending a replacement. Of course, we may suggest installing a replacement transfer case because it will save you time and money. Again, this is why we’re so careful with our diagnostics and recommendations. We are always looking out for your best interests. Come into Southwest Truck and RV today, and our trained auto mechanics will give you peace of mind by knowing your vehicle is in the hands of an honest expert.

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