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Marc Kroll

Owner of Southwest Truck & RV

How I came to Prescott

I fell in love with the Prescott area 25 years ago when I camped here with my best buddy. He liked it too and moved here with his new wife. However, within a year of moving here, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away about 9 months later. I visited him frequently during the last few months of his life and arranged memorial services in Prescott and Indianapolis.

As the executor of his will, I stayed in contact with his widow, and she is now my wife. We’ve enjoyed a long and happy marriage, and our twins are now in their freshmen year at NAU in Flagstaff.

After 26 years in executive sales with Heritage Crystal Clean, a company that serves the auto repair and several other manufacturing industries, my wife said “no mas” because the job involved a lot of travel. She and our twins needed more of me. So, I gave notice and to keep myself busy, I set up a couple of businesses – property development on acreage in Paulden on which I built a log cabin and an RV rental business. I sold the land and cabin in Paulden, but the RV business remains strong.

How I bought the shop

I used to bring my RVs to Sun Valley Diesel for service. I enjoyed my visits with the owner, Don Otto, and walking his dog when I came for service. In early November of 2020 during one of my visits, while maintaining an uncharacteristic distance from me, Don told me, “Marc I have Stage-4 Cancer and with this COVID pandemic, I can’t get anywhere near you.” He passed away about three months later in January.

I kept bringing my rigs in for service and got to know Don’s widow, Mona. It turned out that she was looking to sell the shop. I thought the shop would be a good fit with my RV rental business, and I liked the shop, so I purchased the it in September of 2021.

My vision for the shop

We provide a needed service with quality at a fair price, and we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. The Quad Cities of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Dewey, Chino Valley, and the surrounding areas relatively small towns, and I love the small-town flavor. There are two sides to that coin though – need versus fulfillment. The area needs an alternative source for heavy-duty vehicle service (whether it’s semi-trucks, box trucks, or diesel pushers), and we have the most well-equipped facility and highly trained staff in the area. We really can take care of your needs whether you drive a KIA, a KENWORTH, or just about anything in between.

To my knowledge, we are the only locally family owned (not a chain) light to heavy-duty shop in the Quad City Area. Small enough to both know and value our customers, and large enough to meet their vast array of needs.

Marc is a Co-Host of Drive Time Arizona on KQNA, Saturdays and Sundays at 10am.

Listen to podcasts including previous broadcasts by visiting: DriveTimeAZ.com

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