The Plain Truth About Warranties

Sep 20, 2023

Let’s face it: if we were perfect, and if there was never a glitch with the parts we purchased from the parts manufacturers, dealers, and other suppliers, there would be no need for warranties.

Unfortunately, the last time I checked, we’re still only human beings – being human. That means we might occasionally make a mistake. Also, human beings make the parts we purchase and install in your vehicle, and parts are susceptible to possible defects.

Therefore, the primary purpose of our warranties is to provide you with peace of mind, and that comes from knowing that in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the work we perform, we have your back. We’ll make things right for you.

That means something different for everyone. People have different needs and wants when it comes to warranties. Like insurance, warranties are risk versus reward propositions, and there’s always a cost associated with covering risk.

Regardless of what any shop tells you, long-term, nationwide warranties are riskier than shorter, local-area warranties. The shops offering these longer, broader warranties cover their financial risk exposure within the prices they charge you.

But is it fair to charge you the same “premium prices” as everyone else without regard to the warranty coverage you may or may not need?

  • If you travel far and wide, coast-to-coast, you may want nationwide warranty protection.
  • Why pay extra for nationwide coverage if you never go more than a couple hundred miles from the local area? It doesn’t make financial sense.
  • Long-term coverage may suit your needs if you plan to keep your vehicle for many more years.
  • If you plan to sell or trade your vehicle soon, paying extra for long-term coverage isn’t financially wise or necessary.
  • If you drive thousands of miles every month, high-mileage coverage could be of value to you.
  • If you drive very few miles, high mileage limits won’t make financial sense for you.

So, when it comes to warranty coverage, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer our “Build Your Own” flexible warranty programs and are completely transparent about the coverage and costs.

It’s like the Liberty Mutual TV commercial says – “You only pay for what you need.”

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