Revving Up the Airwaves: Drive Time Radio Show Unveils Automotive Marvels

Aug 1, 2023

Drive Time Radio show highlights!!

Welcome to a treasure trove of automotive wisdom! If you’re passionate about cars, yearn for reliable maintenance tips, or simply wish to learn something new about your trusted four-wheeled companion, then you’re in the right place.

This blog post is based on insights shared during a captivating radio program that airs every Saturday and Sunday from 6-7 am. It’s aptly titled Drive Time “A Radio Show About Anything Automotive,” and if you are an auto-enthusiast, this show is nothing short of a weekend treat.

The program is hosted by three distinguished automotive experts, each bringing a wealth of experience to the table. Let’s meet the trio:

Thom Tschetter of Coach Thom Marketing

Thom Tschetter is a highly-regarded speaker, consultant, and writer with an incredible 40-year career in the automotive industry. Thom is no stranger to success, having owned a chain of award-winning auto repair shops. His contributions to the transmission industry were recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award, a testament to his dedication and expertise.

Desmond Creighton of Prescott Valley Transmissions
Desmond Creighton, with more than 30 years of automotive experience, is known for his prowess as a master technician and transmission rebuilder. Desmond’s commitment to excellence led him to establish Prescott Valley Transmissions, which has been serving the Quad Cities area for the past 14 years.
Ken Freund, automotive expert
Ken Freund has a diverse and rich background as a technician, author, vehicle tester, and magazine writer spanning five decades. He’s not only well-versed in automotive knowledge but has also lived an adventurous life, riding motorcycles across six of the world’s seven continents. In addition, Ken pens a column for RV Magazine, sharing his experiences and knowledge with a wide audience.

Together, these three experts provide an engaging and educational discourse on various automotive topics. From brake maintenance and steering wheel troubles to a delightful place in Prescott known as the Hassel-Free Zone, this blog post encapsulates their insights and advice. So buckle up and get ready for a journey into the world of automobiles, as guided by the experts themselves.

Your car is not just a mode of transportation; it’s an integral part of your daily life. Keeping it in optimal condition is crucial. Recently, automotive experts shared insights on car maintenance and troubleshooting, focusing on common issues like brake noises, loose steering wheels, and problems with cruise control. Moreover, they shed light on the Hassel-Free Zone in Prescott, a place that offers a pleasant experience to visitors looking for vehicle transmission repair and maintenance.

The Importance of Brake Maintenance:

Brakes are essential for the safety and performance of your vehicle. If you’re hearing noises when you hit the brakes, it’s time to pay attention. Such sounds could indicate worn-out brake pads or problems with the rotors. It’s also a good idea to check the level and quality of the brake fluid.

When brake pads wear thin, they tend to make a squealing noise. If you ignore this for too long, the sound might evolve into a grinding noise as the brake pads wear out completely, causing metal-on-metal contact. This can seriously damage the rotors, turning a simple brake pad replacement into a costly repair.

Moreover, brake fluid plays a vital role in your car’s braking system. It transfers the force of your foot on the brake pedal to the brake calipers and pads. Over time, brake fluid can absorb moisture, which reduces its effectiveness. Experts recommend changing the brake fluid every two years or 24,000 miles. Don’t forget to always ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive before hitting the road.

Steering Wheel Troubles and Their Solutions:

Steering is one of the most critical control systems in your car. If your steering wheel feels loose or you experience difficulty in controlling the vehicle, it could be due to issues within the steering column or the suspension system.

One common issue is the wear of the steering gear. As the steering gear wears down, you may notice that the steering wheel doesn’t respond immediately. Tie rods, which connect the steering system to the wheels, could also be a culprit. Worn-out or damaged tie rods can cause the steering wheel to feel loose. It’s vital to get your car to a professional mechanic to diagnose and resolve these issues before they worsen.

Cruise Control and Gas Cap Issues:

A rather intriguing problem was discussed where a car’s cruise control stops working, and the computer scan suggests a loose gas cap. Now, this might seem unrelated, but automotive systems are highly integrated.

Firstly, experts suggest replacing the gas cap with an original equipment (OE) version. It’s wise to get it from a dealer to ensure quality. Sometimes, aftermarket parts do not have the same quality control, and that might lead to problems down the line.

Moreover, it’s possible that there is a leak in the fuel tank system or the filler neck. The car’s on-board diagnostic system pressurizes the gas tank and hoses, pushing against the gas cap. Any leak could lead to a loss of pressure and trigger the trouble code for a loose gas cap.

The Hassel-Free Zone in Prescott:

The Hassle-Free Zone: A Customer-Centric Approach to Car Repairs at Prescott Valley Transmissions

We have all been there: an unusual noise from the engine, an unexpected breakdown, or a flashing warning light on the dashboard that leaves us bewildered and anxious about car repairs. The challenges don’t end there; booking appointments, arranging alternate transportation, and the worry of encountering dishonesty or high costs add to the stress. However, Prescott Valley Transmissions, led by master technician Desmond Creighton, has created a customer-centric haven that has rightly earned the title “Hassle-Free Zone for Car Repairs”.

The very first hurdle customers often face is scheduling an appointment. When a vehicle is essential for daily commutes to work, school, or business, any delay in getting the necessary repairs is a significant inconvenience. Desmond Creighton understands this plight and has made same-day appointments a cornerstone of his service. Whenever feasible, Prescott Valley Transmissions strives to accommodate customers right away. The prompt attention not only resolves the issue quickly but also prevents small problems from escalating into bigger, costlier repairs. As Desmond wisely advises, “If you’ve got a small problem, don’t drive it into a big one.”

Another common concern among customers is the integrity and quality of the diagnosis. At Prescott Valley Transmissions, the focus is on precision and honesty. The technicians, guided by Desmond’s philosophy, initially presume a minor issue and work diligently to rule out the need for extensive repairs. This customer-centric approach ensures that the vehicle is thoroughly inspected, and the root cause of the problem is accurately identified.

Today’s vehicles are equipped with sophisticated computer systems where components are interconnected. Even a tire problem could potentially affect the transmission. The team at Prescott Valley Transmissions adopts a holistic approach, understanding the intricate interplay between various vehicle systems. The emphasis on detailed diagnostics ensures that the customer is not charged for unnecessary repairs.

Transparent Communication and Options

Once the vehicle has been assessed, customers are presented with clear information on the findings. Desmond identifies four potential outcomes of the initial diagnostics:

  1. **No problem detected**: The vehicle may have experienced a temporary glitch, similar to a home computer.
  2. **Minor issue**: A small problem that can be quickly and efficiently fixed.
  3. **Major problem**: The vehicle might need internal repairs that take a longer time to resolve.
  4. **Inconclusive results**: Occasionally, the diagnostics might not provide clear answers, and further evaluation is required.

In the case of inconclusive results, Desmond draws an analogy to a medical diagnosis where sometimes additional tests are needed. The key is transparent communication and providing options to the customers.

Mobility Solutions

A significant concern for customers is being without a car during the repair process. Desmond has addressed this by offering loaner cars and even arranging for rental car coverage or Uber rides. Regardless of the reason the car needs to stay in the shop, Prescott Valley Transmissions aims to resolve any mobility issues, making sure that the customer’s daily life is not disrupted.

Between same-day appointments, thorough diagnostics, transparent communication, and mobility solutions, Prescott Valley Transmissions is truly a “Hassle-Free Zone.” It’s a place where customers can trust that their car will be handled efficiently and honestly, and where the focus is on customer satisfaction and convenience. This customer-centric approach by Desmond Creighton and his team sets a high standard in car repair services. Whether you have a transmission acting a little “wonky” or any other car issues, Prescott Valley Transmissions has got you covered, hassle-free.

A Treasure Trove of Automotive Wisdom:

“Drive Time”, the radio program which airs every Saturday and Sunday from 6-7 am on KQNA, is an indispensable source for anyone with a keen interest in the automotive world. With Thom Tschetter, Desmond Creighton, and Ken Freund at the helm, listeners are treated to a deep well of expertise that spans across various facets of the automotive industry. Their cumulative knowledge, enriched by personal experiences, is generously shared, with the aim to educate and engage their audience.

A particularly noteworthy segment from the episode we discussed is Desmond Creighton’s innovative approach at Prescott Valley Transmissions, where the focus is on creating a “Hassle-Free Zone” for customers. Desmond, through his empathetic understanding of customers’ needs, has instituted measures such as same-day appointments, efficient diagnostics, and providing mobility solutions (like loaner cars) to ensure that the car repair experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible for his clients.

Additionally, the show covered a plethora of topics including the importance of timely maintenance, insights on fuel additives, the fascinating evolution of transmissions, and valuable advice for troubleshooting common issues. This blend of storytelling and practical advice makes “Drive Time” a radio show that stands out.

For anyone looking to bolster their understanding of automobiles, or seeking actionable advice for vehicle maintenance and repairs, “Drive Time” is the go-to program. With its mix of expert knowledge, practical advice, and engaging stories, it is sure to appeal to both the everyday car owner and the automobile enthusiast. Don’t miss out on this treasure trove of automotive wisdom – tune in to “Drive Time” and take part in this informative journey guided by industry veterans.

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